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Custom Orders

Steps For A Custom Order:


To begin an order please text or email us. In the message please let us know the following:


  1. What item you want. If you have seen a product I have done in the past but would like it with different colors then please reference the item’s SKU # or attach images.

  2. The color of glaze you are hoping for. If you have seen a color set I have done on a past product that you like then please reference the item’s SKU # or attach images.

  3. How many of the item you would like.


If steps 1 and/or 2 do not apply, and you have an idea for an item that you would like to see me create; please let me know your thoughts and we can go from there!


Pricing For A Custom Order:


Standard Item Price


$5.00 Base Custom Charge Per Order


$5.00 Custom Charge Per Item


Example #1

You order 1 custom vase normally $35.00


Customs Charge ($5.00)


1 Item ($5.00)

Total = $45.00


Example #2

You order a custom set of 4 dinner bowls normally $100.00


Customs Charge ($5.00)


4 Items ($20.00)

Total = $125.00


Things To Know With Customs:


  • All ceramic items made by IP&P are unique and one of a kind. This means that if I am trying to match a color there is always a chance it may not be 100% like what the previous item was.

  • Custom order fee ($5.00) and per item fee ($5.00 per item) are collected upfront and are non-refundable.

  • Once the item is made you will receive pictures of your custom product for approval.

  • If the product is approved then the base price is charged prior to your custom order being packaged and shipped.


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