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Bisqueware & Molds

Bisqued items are for those who have access to glazes and a kiln and would like to add their own style to one of our products.

Bisqueware is pottery that has been through an initial firing to become durable, yet is still porous. Our bisqueware needs to be glazed and fired again in a kiln once more to reach its proper final state. Nonfired acrylics can be used to finish the bisqueware as a display only/non-functional art piece without an addition kiln firing; meaning the pieces would not be suitable for food or smoke use.

Made with mid-high fire clay and bisqued to Cone 04; all products are meant to be glazed and fired to Cone 5.

Please allow 1-2 weaks lead time for the creation of Bisqueware Pre-Orders.


Cast & create your own products from our unique shapes with plaster molds.

Designed to have great absorbtion properties and a long durable life, these molds make the perfect addition to any Potter's studio.

Not a Potter yet? Get a mold and try your hand at slipcasting!

Made from USG #1 Plaster.

Multi-piece molds will have a seam-line (flashing) when the product is cast that will require trimming/sanding.

Please allow 1-2 weaks lead time for the creation of Casting Mold Pre-Orders.

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